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As with any other service industry, your pool deck contractor must be properly equipped with satisfied customers. After all, you need someone who can talk confidently about his/her work and most importantly you need him/her to have an army of trustworthy people who are willing to vouch for the superb works he/she has done. And it is not just his/her job to deliver these results but it is his/her duty and responsibility to show you that these are indeed the finest works of art you can have for your outdoor living space. It is for this reason you should hire only the best of contractors and stick to this decision until and unless you are absolutely sure of what you are getting into.

The first and the most important criterion for you to look at in pool deck construction is the availability of the pool deck builder/contractor. You will never know if they are up to the mark or not till you get in touch with them. Make a list of at least three pool deck contractors in your locality, contact them and hire their services. Keep this list with yourself so that you do not have to spend time in researching about pool deck construction companies later on.

If you live in a part of the country where there is no or very little rainfall then you can go in for cement based pool decks. However, for those of you who reside in a place that is always wet or humid, concrete decks are a great idea. In fact, such weather resistant decks are preferred by many builders. In pool construction, it is the durability of the deck that ultimately matters so that it does not need any major maintenance once it gets built.

Check out the references of the pool deck contractor you are planning to hire. See if these people have worked on the type of deck you have in mind. Also, talk to the people from whom you have received quotations. The quotations that they provide you with should be more than the cost of the project. If the contractor quotes a price lower than what is reasonable in the market, do not work with him.

It is not necessary that you rely solely on the contractor’s word. Get some independent quotes from other contractors too. It is not unethical to negotiate with the contractor because ultimately you are going to invest a lot in the construction of the decks. Do not be afraid of asking for additional discounts if you find that the contractor is charging you less than the market value.

Once you have selected the pool contractor, discuss with him about the estimate for the work. You need to check if the estimates offered by the contractor are feasible and reasonable. Also ask for a breakdown of all the costs that are going to be incurred during the construction of the pool deck. Once all these factors are checked, you are now ready to hire the contractor for construction of the pool deck.

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